Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hi, my name is Étienne Pouliot and I love Hockey

Welcome to Everything Hockey in Québec!

My name is Étienne Pouliot, and as you probably have guessed, this blog is going to cover pretty much everything that happens in the "hockeysphere" in this lovely province that is Québec.

Some might have read about or from me already, as on and (mostly the Habs' board), I go by the nickname of QuebecPride.

Here's a piece I was quoted in, by my friend, Coyotes Blogger and fellow prospect follower Adam French. @AdamFrenchReal

A Draft from a Different perspective:

To resume what will happen here, I will write about  the QJMHL, the Habs, and the NHL prospects.

As a 'Q fan, it keeps infuriating me to see so little coverage for such a great developmental league through the major sports medias here (RDS, TVASports, Journal de Montréal, La Presse).

I have to admit though that La Presse has a good coverage locally, but you rarely see the front page filled with a story about the 'Q. TVASports (and Canal Vox) do show one game a week provincially, but that's not enough.

So seeing that, I've decided to help the cause and cover the 'Q in this blog.

I will report what I see mostly from NHL prospects in the league and future draftees but I will discuss about the league itself too.

I will have the chance to see a lot of Junior Hockey this year, Sherbrooke getting a team back. Don't even bother to ask, I bought my Season Tickets as soon as they were on sale.

Being from Sherbrooke gives me other logistical advantages too. I'm 45 minutes from both Drummondville and Victoriaville. So count on me to go watch games there when the top teams and the top NHL and Draft prospects will come by!

My PVR will also come in handy for friday night games at both TVASports( Canal Vox) and Sportsnet.

But I will not stop my evaluation to the Québec Territory.

I will also try to catch some of the NCAA, WHL and OHL games starring Habs' prospects on stream.

And I will of course watch the Habs religiously.

I haven't had the chance to see much of the AHL Bulldogs in the past few years, but that is subject to change as there will most likely be a stream going on covering the 'Dogs. Which coincides with the arrivee of a great crop in the Hammer. Lucky me.

If that wasn't enough, I try to catch an European game every now and then, starring the top players for the future drafts.

With all this hockey footage, I will be able to find more than enough stuff to write blogs on here.

One last thing, being an Administration student, I've learned that a product, to generate interest, and most of the time money, needs to offer something different from the competition.

Knowing that the 'Q is far from overcovered, that's a good start, but what will really be innovative about this blog is that it will have a French twin. Which means my blogs will be available in both English and French.

I consider billinguism to be an asset and count on me to take profit of it.

Thank you for reading

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